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Feild Guide

Saftey support and logisitcs for teams in the feild in antarctica.

If you are a grantee or part of a science group conducting field work in Antarctica, you may be encouraged or required to have a “field mountaineer” as part of your risk management plan and/or part of your logistics planning. 

  • Deep Field Preparations And Camp Planning

    I can advise your team on the necessary equipment, food requirements and other preparations for the camp. I am able to organise procurement of food supplies, camping and any field gear from the Berg Field Centre (BFC). I am also familiar with McMurdo’s science cargo system.

  • Technical Skills And Survival Training

    Prior to deployment in the field, I can deliver training to better prepare staff for functioning safely in hazardous environments, this training would take place at McMurdo station.

  • Helicopter Or Fixed-Wing Aviation Support

    I can help with submitting fixed-wing or helicopter operations requests

  • Camp Construction And Daily Management

    I can manage/direct? the construction and deconstruction of the camp infrastructure. I can liaise with the McMurdo Communications Operations (Macops) for daily check ins, and coordinate resupply requirements.

  • Field Mobility In Hazardous Terrain

    Whilst working in the field your team will need to travel in hazardous terrain such as glaciers and sea ice. My qualifications allow me to guide anyone in these environments using my experience and knowledge to minimise risk when accessing the least accessible parts of the continent!

  • Ground Transportation In The Field

    I can organise snowmobile travel in deep field, including linked travel and GPS navigation. I am able to make running repairs on equipment such as snowmobiles which inevitable run into problems along the way.

Dylan Taylor is an AMGA certified, IFMGA licensed mountain guide, feild guide and photographer.

Phone: 00 33 6 78 32 13 84
Email: dylan@thealpineeffect.com


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